Dropship Affiliate Partner Program


Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a part of our new Dropship-Affiliate program!

We have a total marketing package that will enable you to earn an income (10% commission) by either Dropshipping our products through your website and/or using your unique Affiliate tools (including your unique URL) to post banners for customer referrals, link a product in a newsletter, etc. You can be as creative as you'd like and we'll help you along the way with useful ideas (more below).

As you sell products and receive your order notices you can now process them directly into the www.healiohealth.com ordering system.

Dropship Example:

You get an order notice in the email from a customer that just bought a TENS Unit from your website. You take your unique URL (given to you when you sign up) and place it in the address bar of your computer's browser once so your affiliate cookie is recognized. Your account is now identified on www.healiohealth.com as a Dropshipper and every order you place through our site using your unique URL will automatically be attributed to you and you'll soon receive an Order Confirmation email detailing the sale and another Sales Notification email congratulating you on the commission earned.

You then browse our website for the product(s) your customer ordered and put them in the cart just as if you were the customer buying the product directly from our site and go to the checkout screen.

At the initial checkout screen you enter YOUR information in the “Billing Address” section. You then enter YOUR CUSTOMER'S shipping information in the “Shipping Address” section. Go to the final checkout stage. Now enter YOUR credit card information (name on card, card#, exp date). When the order is completed you'll automatically receive an Order Confirmation email. In addition, a Sales Notification email that confirms your commission will be generated and emailed to you when the charges are captured. Our billing and shipping departments will be able to see which Dropshipper or Affiliate made the sale and the order will be placed in queue for processing (please allow 1-2 business days). Dropshippers: You can make return shipping labels with your company information on them and mail them to our warehouse for "blind shipping" arrangements or request that invoices be excluded from your shipments.*

* We can give higher discounts to high-volume Dropshippers

You can keep track of all your commissions by logging in to the Dropship-Affiliate Module. At the beginning of each month we pay out commissions. If you have accrued $25 or more in sales commissions, you will receive a Paypal payment with your monthly earnings. You don't have to worry about shipping charges because they will automatically be calculated through our site.

Not only can you place orders directly into the HealioHealth system for simple dropshipping, but you can utilize our affiliate marketing tools to extend your sales reach. One way you can do this is by placing one of our banners on your site. When a customer clicks on the banner they are directed to our site carrying your unique ID. When the customer makes a purchase the same process goes into effect as if you were ordering directly from your computer, and you receive a 10% Affiliate commission for the referral. There are other ways to utilize our system.


  • You can specify a page you want your visitors to end up when they click on a banner or your unique URL. This is good if you want to promote a certain product and direct your visitors to that product page on our site.
  • You have a newsletter and want to feature a product. You can put that product in the content of that newsletter with your unique link that directs them to our site. If they make a purchase the same process goes into effect and you are notified that the sale was attributed to you and the amount you made.

There are many ways to utilize the Dropship-Affiliate program. Periodically we'll send out tips and ideas that will explore other ways of maximizing your sales, so stay tuned for announcements.

Once you are registered as either a Dropshipper or an Affiliate, we'll provide you with more information, including a program outline and product list. You can then begin to download pictures and text from the website if you are going to be adding our products to your website and Dropshipping, or start utilizing the Affiliate tools to begin marketing.

For further questions or concerns, you can reach the Dropship Affiliate tem by emailing dropshipaffiliates@healiohealth.com

We are grateful that you have considered www.healiohealth.com as your business partner. For more information, please visit the Affiliate section of our support page, or use the link below to email us directly.